All About Waiting

Official music video for Dhani Harrison.  Directed and animated by Adam Osgood. Additional illustration: A. D'Amico. Additional hand-drawn animation: Sarah Schmidt.

  • 2018, American Illustration's International Motion Art Awards 6

Bitten by the Apple

Official music video for Bitten by the Apple by Big Black Delta featuring Kimbra.


An animated ABC book of freaks, spooks, and scares to celebrate Halloween! Thanks to Donnie Moore of Absolutely Not for the creepy score.

  • 2015, London International Animation Festival
  • 2015, HAFFTube, Holland Animation Film Festival
  • 2014, Staff Pick, Vimeo

Huggin & Kissin

Official music video for Huggin & Kissin by Big Black Delta.

  • 2015, Siggraph Computer Animation Festival Daytime Selects
  • 2015, Sacramento Film and Music Festival

A Life Alone

This animation is about a young man's journey through life and love.

  • 2015, Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
  • 2015, HAFFTube, Holland Animation Film Festival
  • 2012, Diversidade em Animação, Brazil
  • 2012, 3x3 Pro Show No. 9

Additional animation and motion work can be found on my Vimeo site here: